Children 18 months to 2.5 years of age

Toddlers are bursting to communicate, move freely and explore the world around them.  While participating in our toddler program, your child will further develop their social-emotional and communication skills as they interact with their peers and educators throughout the day.  

They will enhance their fine motor skills as they continue to learn how to feed themselves using utensils, participate in creative activities such as painting and gluing and other activities where they practice using their fingers and hands.Your child will further develop their gross motor skills as they participate in group experiences within the classroom as well as through outdoor play.Your child will also be introduced to the basic concepts of colours, numbers and shapes through various activities.At the conclusion of each day you will be given a verbal recap of your child's eating, sleep and washrooms routines by a member of our toddler team.

Our Toddler Learning Environment Ratio is 1:5


Our Classroom Environment